Finish What You Started To RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE

What exactly does finishing tasks or work have to do with self confidence?… A lot actually… Everyday we have several things we need to get done in our lives that is holding up valuable mental resources.

For example, you may want to read a book, send out an email, get in contact with old friends, go out with your family, fix something at home, start a new project, go out more, try something new, learn something new, and the list can go on and on…

While it’s great to want to do more or try new things, it’s not always good for your self confidence. When you don’t or can’t finish something you want, you begin to feel like a failure and as mentioned earlier, your mind gets cluttered with different ideas.

Clear your mind of junk by getting stuff done. Free up your mental capacity.Picture this… How effective would you be if your desk had papers, envelops, office supplies, pictures, and anything else you can think of just thrown around everywhere on your desk? Could easily finish your work or would the mess distract you?

Most people would find a messy desk to be a huge distraction, so much so that they wouldn’t get anything done. So, how can we un-clutter our minds?

It’s actually surprisingly simple… You need to write down everything on a piece of paper or possibly a Task Completion notebook. By writing everything down on paper, everything comes out of your mind and you can now start writing new ideas on how to complete the task at hand.

Additionally, you’ll be able to cross off each thing from your list as you get things done. This act of crossing things off boosts your self confidence, gives you further momentum, and allows you to see how much you have completed.

Finish What You Started By Focusing on Routine

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.Over time of writing out what you need to get done on a daily and weekly basis, you may see some tasks popping up over and over again. These are probably important tasks that you need to get done and don’t want piling up.

In order to avoid feeling like certain tasks need to get done and you not having anytime, simply make it a routine. Make it so that you get these tasks done at a certain time. This will let your mind know that it will get done and not to worry about it.

Depending on how often you need certain tasks done, you may schedule it to be done daily, weekly, or maybe even monthly. Whatever the case may be, you’ll feel better about yourself because you’re getting things done.

5 Ways to Overcome Road Blocks

1. Stop Ruminating Over the Negatives.

Joseph Ferrari, professor of psychology at DePaul University and author of the book Still Procrastinating: The No Regrets Guide to Getting It Done, found that most people ruminate about failures when they procrastinate1. While yes, some people need time to get things done just right, it is important to focus on the positive in order to get things done.

2. Being a Perfectionist is No Excuse.

Rather or not you’re a perfectionist, many people use this excuse in order to procrastinate. Although it can be used as an excuse, research has shown that you’re not given any sympathy from anyone. The end result is still the same and that’s that you’re not getting anything done. So throw away this excuse!

3. Working Under Pressure Doesn’t Actually Produce Better Results.

Working under pressure DOES NOT produce better results. If anything it produces less quality work.We’ve all heard these excuses and possibly even used them ourselves… “I work best under pressure.” or “I do my best work under pressure.” Research has now shown these type of excuses to be completely false. Ferrari found the opposite to be true. People under pressure actually produced worse results!1

4. Quit Getting Stuck on the Big Picture.

Some times there are tasks that look huge and impossible to get done. However, projects or large tasks shouldn’t be done all at once. Instead, you need to learn to break up the tasks into smaller parts so that it’s easier to get done… And if you have no idea how to break something into smaller tasks, simply start somewhere. Once you start you’ll start seeing what needs to be done first and so on…

5. Commit To It.

Commitment to getting something done means a lot because you don’t want to make yourself feel bad for not doing what YOU said you would get done. It’s especially encouraging if you publicly make a commit. Then you’re not only holding yourself to getting a task done but other people will hold you to it as well.

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