30 Benefits of Eating Healthy (NOT JUST WEIGHT LOSS)

A lot of people normally link eating healthy with weight loss. After all, if you don’t need to lose weight, why worry about what you eat. Unfortunately, being thin or normal weight is not always correlated to being healthy or even living a vibrant life. Right now we’ll go over several reasons on why you should be eating healthy and what it really means for your life!

Benefits of Eating Healthy

1. You’ll Be More Productive

Think of your body like a car. If you put anything besides high quality gas, then you’re going to have some issues with your car. In the same way, when you place high processed foods, artificial ingredients, and many other man made chemicals in your body… you’re putting stuff in your body that you can’t use for energy. One study actually found that eating unhealthy foods puts you at a 66% increased risk of productivity loss!1

2. You’ll Be Happier

What we place in our mouths impacts our brain greatly. For example, bananas have dopamine which is a feel good hormone. And dark chocolate is packed with polyphenol that boosts serotonin, a neurotransmitter that many antidepressants also target. Additionally, a study from New Zealand found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables in their day reported feeling calmer, happier, and more energetic than they normally did.6

3. You’ll Feel Less Stress

Gain control of your health with Shakeology. Only pure ingredients that will benefit your health! Learn more here!There certain foods with ability to moderate a body’s level of cortisol, the stress hormone. For example, Vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium have been found to reduce cortisol levels. Additionally, a few plants have Adaptogen Herbs that also help you deal with daily stress. One shake called Shakeology contains several Adaptogen Herbs and several other nutrient groups that help transform your health for the better.

4. You’ll Control Your Weight

Again, eating healthy is not just about losing weight. It can also be about maintaining your current weight by simply replacing soda with water, eating carrots instead of chips, or ordering a side of salad instead of fries. Your goal would be to make a few simple healthy substitutions that will add up to big results in your health and maintaining your current weight.

5. You’ll Protect Your Bones

Eating a healthy diet full of calcium from dairy products, vitamin D from produce, and folic acid from leafy greens supports your bones, preventing osteoporosis and fractures in the future.

6. It Revs Up Your Fertility

A recent study found that eating less processed meat and eating more fish increases a mans sperm count.3  In a separate study, the number one predictor of high fertility rates in woman was having access to a wide variety of healthy foods (this was among those who weren’t using birth control).4

7. You’ll Amp Up Your Sex Drive

There many myths when it comes to aphrodisiacs, for example drinking whine or eating chocolates or oysters. However, new research is showing that eating healthy spices like saffron and ginger make a measurable improvement in sexual desire and performance in both genders.16

8. You’ll Prevent Insomnia

Get Better Sleep From Eating Healthy Foods!

Get Better Sleep From Eating Healthy Foods!

It’s been reported that about 50% of adults experience some sort of sleeplessness lasting longer than three weeks and in fact insomnia is one of the major complaints people have about their health. Here’s what research has found about insomnia and eating healthy5:

  • One study found that adults who drank a tasty smoothie made from tart cherries got, on average, 90 more minutes of sleep a night.
  • Other research has shown that magnesium, found in foods like dark chocolate and whole oats, helped people fall asleep faster with less incidents of nighttime waking .
  • Finally, in a third study, people who ate fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir slept longer and had higher quality sleep .

9. You’ll Say Good Bye To Cramps

Study after study has found the following healthy foods benefits cramps: fiber in fruits and veggies fights bloat, magnesium-rich foods (like dark chocolate!) prevent cramps, iron in red meat helps with fatigue, calcium in dairy products is calming, and the zinc in green vegetables can smooth out mood swings.5

10. Eating Healthy Boosts Your Immune System

Research has shown that getting your five a day fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system and save you five or more sick days! Additionally, another study showed that eating your fruits and vegetables not only made you less likely to get sick but this happened regardless of whatever else they ate!7

11. You’ll Protect Yourself Against Cancer

It’s been estimated that 30 to 40% of all cancers are preventable through a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes, and this is especially true for breast cancer.18 A diet that includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower has been linked to lower risk of breast cancer. Additionally, Vitamins C, D and B-12 are thought to protect against cancer, as are chlorophyll and carotenoids – all of which are easily consumed in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

12. It Fixes Your DNA

Ever complained that you can’t change your health because it runs in the family? This is no longer seen as true. A recent study found that eating a healthy diet can “turn on” good DNA and “turn off” some of the bad DNA.8 This can even lead into your children not inheriting the bad genes. So eating healthy will not only better your health but also the health of your future children!

13. You’ll Protect Yourself From Free Radicals

Everyday you’re being bombarded with Free Radicals from being outside in the sun and from the foods you eat. These Free Radicals go into your body and cause damage at the cellular level to your cells and DNA. Additionally, they make you look older. The only thing that can neutralize Free Radicals are antioxidants which you get from a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits.

14. It Makes Your Future Children Smarter

You'll get smarter by eating healthier!

You’ll get smarter by eating healthier!

A pediatric study showed pregnant woman who eat a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, DHA specifically, go on to have kids with higher IQs at age four than do moms who avoid sea food.9 And another study showed children who supplement with DHA or ate a lot of fish, also showed cognitive improvements and behavior.10

15. You Get Smarter Too

Eating more fish or supplementing with fish oil with DHA isn’t just for kids. Getting more DHA can boost your cognitive capacity as well. However, don’t feel like fish oil is the miracle supplement, Studies have shown that a diet rich in healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants from produce increases cognition capacity and prevents memory loss later in life as well.11

16. Improve Your Brain Function

DHA is not the only thing that can help enhance your brain function. The Mediterranean diet has been considered the golden standard for optimal health. This includes eating lots of veggies and fruits, along with fish, beans, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, a moderate amount of wine- and a low intake of fatty meats, dairy products, refined grains, and sugar. Here’s some research to consider17:

  • Over a period of 6 years, Mediterranean diet eaters were 36% less likely to have brain damage than those who least closely followed this eating pattern.
  • The National Institute on Aging, also found that close adherence to a Mediterranean diet resulted in a 28% lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment with aging, and a 48% lower risk of progressing from cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease.

17. Healthy Eating Can Help Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Get rid of digestive issues by eating healthy foods.

Get rid of digestive issues by eating healthy foods.

People who suffer from IBS normally experience debilitating pain, bloating, tenacious constipation, and embarrassing (sometimes public) displays of diarrhea. However, recent research is showing a link between the type of bacteria in a person’s gut and their chances of having IBS. Studies show that eating probiotics normally helps the majority of suffers to find some peace.5 A good shake that people with digestive issues have found helpful is Shakeology, which includes probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes.

18. Healthy Eating Gets Rid of Gas

Often when you feel gassy or bloated it’s largely due to the health of your GI tract. Much like with IBS you need to balance out the bacteria in your GI tract with the right, healthy bacteria, i.e. probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. By eating a healthy and balanced diet filled with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains you’ll be taking good care of your GI tract.

19. It’s the Ultimate Workout Booster

As mentioned earlier, eating unhealthy not only makes you less productive but also makes you sluggish. When you eat the right foods, you’ll get more done and have more energy to workout. Additionally, eating healthy gives you the nutrients you need to recover from your workout. Good carbohydrates boost your endurance, protein builds and maintains your muscles, and vitamins and minerals keep everything working together as it should.

20. You’ll Sooth Sore Muscles

Several studies have shown that what you eat can greatly affect how quickly and how well your muscles recover after a workout. This is especially important for those just starting a new workout program because they will be sore the most. According to research, the biggest factor is getting enough protein because protein is responsible for building and repairing skeletal muscle.13

21. You’ll Feel More Relaxed

A lot of people blame their post Thanksgiving coma because of the tryptophan found in trukey’s (which isn’t entirely true, it’s more because of the carb-overlod). However, tryptophan is needed to relax a person. A study deprived men of tryptophan and it resulted in instant increase in anxiety, some even had panic attacks.12 And once tryptophan was reintroduced, they instantly calmed down. Tryptophan can be found in foods like dark chocolate, oats, dried fruit, seeds, eggs, fish, and dairy.

22. You’ll Eat Less

Your body is never hungry for large portion sized meals, it simply wants the nutrition from food to keep on going. By feeding your body the right nutrients, your body will get full on very little compared to trying to feel full off of junk food.

23. You’ll Stop Desiring Junk Food

Fixate will help you create delicious and healthy recipes your whole family will love!Research has shown that eating a protein rich meal for breakfast helped reduce cravings for junk food later in the day. In fact, rather than feeling deprived of their favorite treats, subjects reported not thinking much about treats through out the day.14

24. You’ll Think It Tastes Better

Most people probably think healthy foods tastes horrible. However, if the healthy food is prepared right, then it tastes amazing! Additionally, several blind test studies have shown that people believe foods tastes better when they’re organic even though what was presented was the same non-organic foods. So, how you taste and perceive foods is entirely in your head.

25. You’ll Have Clearer Skin

Research is showing that you can eat your way to a clearer complexion. So throw away those so called magical face creams and take a deep look at what you’re eating. The big contributors to breakouts are sugary foods, dairy, and processed grains.15 Try removing these foods from your diet if you want to clear up your acne or rosacea.

26. You’ll Age Better

Why waste money on anti-aging creams, which may or may not work, when you can improve your skin naturally? Fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants can help protect your skin. For example, the antioxidants in fresh berries and salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids both help improve the health of your skin’s cells and slow premature aging.

27. You’ll Be Healthier

Unhealthy eating for long periods of time increases your risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. For example, if you don’t eat enough protein, vitamins, and minerals, your muscle mass will decrease as your fat stores increase. Additionally, some estimates say at least 30% of cancers are linked to poor diet. One study of over 6,000 women found that those who ate the most cabbage, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower and kale had a lower risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.1

28. You’ll Live Longer

Healthy eating not only helps you avoid diseases but also increases your life expectancy. One study showed that a diet of fruit and vegetables, in combination with exercise, extended life expectancy for women in their 70s. Elsewhere, researchers reviewed a group of studies that suggest vegetarian or low-meat diets could help you live a longer life. And another study points to nuts as a way to reduce your risk of early death. No matter how you see it, eating healthy will help you with your health!

29. You’ll Save Money

Save money in the long run by eating healthier now.

Save money in the long run by eating healthier now.

Many people see the price tag of healthy foods and instantly think it’s too expensive. However, eating healthy will reduce how much you eat because you’ll feel fuller faster and longer, you won’t eat as much due to stress, and most importantly you’ll have less medical bills and medications to buy because you’ll be healthy!

In fact, a recent study was determined to find the real cost of eating healthy and they discovered the following:

“While healthier diets did cost more, the difference was smaller than many people might have expected. Over the course of a year, $1.50/day more for eating a healthy diet would increase food costs for one person by about $550 per year… this price difference is very small in comparison to the economic costs of diet-related chronic diseases, which would be dramatically reduced by healthy diets.”2

30. You Won’t Be Forced Into a Strict Diet

If you eat poorly for too long, you will get some kind of preventable disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol which will FORCE you to eat healthy. Not only force you but also greatly limit what you can eat had you chosen to eat healthy from the beginning. Don’t be forced to eating almost nothing you enjoy and being on medication, start eating healthy today!

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Eating healthy is not just about weight loss. Here are 30 benefits you'll get from eating healthy. Many are surprising: http://www.selfgrowthhacker.com/benefits-of-eating-healthy

30 benefits from eating healthy. Healthy eating is more than just weight loss. Find out what it can do for you: http://www.selfgrowthhacker.com/benefits-of-eating-healthy

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